Streets Ahead

Anyone who has spent some time as a face to face fundraiser will have been told to ‘get a real job’ at some point in their careers. There is a persistent public perception that charity fundraising isn’t to be considered a real vocation: and at Flow we do not agree with this! To prove that fundraising is a viable entry level job in the charity sector and, more importantly, it really does lay the groundwork of a thriving career in charity, we put together the ‘Streets Ahead’ report.

What we found:

  • On average, people who progressed in the charity sector spent 3 years & 4 months on the street as fundraisers
  • 74% had held team leader positions
  • Jobs in Individual Giving are the most common next step for a fundraiser, closely followed by Direct Marketing
  • Skills learnt on the street play a big part in helping candidates impress in job interviews

 Main conclusions:

  • Fundraising is a great way to get your foot in the door with a charity, especially with office fundraising and marketing roles
  • We believe it will should be treated as a full part of the fundraising profession & subject to the same training and professional development as other fundraising streams.
  • It should be promoted as an ‘unofficial apprenticeship’ and entry point to a charity career rather then a dead-end job!

Read the full report here