Street Fundraising

So what is Street Fundraising exactly?

Well, like all forms of face to face, street fundraising is the art of engaging with members of the public & encouraging them to pledge long term financial support to a charity.

Street fundraising is the most common stream of face to face & you can find it in 100s of countries worldwide. Street Fundraisers have no problem striking up a conversation with a stranger in the middle of a crowded high street! They exude passion & can sell that passion for the cause to people in a matter of minutes.

Who works in Street Fundraising?

People who work as street fundraisers are fun, outgoing, full of energy & endlessly positive. It naturally attracts creative people, although people to street fundraising come from all walks of life. We’ve had; artists, musicians, an army of actors, the odd doctor, firemen & a trainee dentist to name but a few. There is also a large group of people who are interested in a charity career, who spend time as fundraisers to get a better understanding of how the sector operates. For these people, street fundraising serves as an entry level position & springboard into a fully fledged charity career.

Don’t believe us? Check out this case study or read our Streets Ahead report for more information!

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