Door to Door Fundraising

What is Door to Door Fundraising?

Door to Door is the practice of taking fundraising to people in their homes: whether it be a quick chat on the doorstep or a long discussion over a cup of tea. Like all streams of F2F, Door Fundraisers are representatives of the charity, selling their values & connecting with amazing donors.

D2D has a lot in common with field marketing or sales jobs & people often come to Fundraising from these professions.

What makes a great D2D Fundraiser?

Passion, patience, dedication & charisma. Unlike Street, where the biggest characters prosper, Door Fundraisers need to be more subtle. If you like the idea of F2F & think you’ll be great at inspiring sign ups but think you’d do better one-on-one then Door to Door could be the right choice for you!


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“The best thing about D2D fundraising was getting the opportunity to engage with so many different people on a daily basis.” – Elvis, London.