Client Profiles

Shelter are the UK's leading housing and homelessness charity and the also run The Street Academy - to share their fundraising prowess with other charities. We have worked closely with Shelter since August 2004 and were instrumental in helping them find candidates with the right skill set to set up and run an in-house face-to-face street fundraising operation. Both the Shelter and the Street Academy fundraising teams have won awards for their innovation and excellence in the sector.

Oxfam are proving to be quite the juggernaut of face to face fundraising: they’re expanding rapidly and internationally! As a key provider of fundraising staff to Oxfam GB, this has been an exciting time for us. The lead recruiter in our Northern branch, Nicola Rennie, has worked alongside senior members of the Oxfam team to provide top-quality staff and support with a personal touch.

Flow have been working with The British Red Cross for nearly 5 years now and we are proud to say that we’ve helped them grow to become one of the most far reaching face to face operations in the UK. We have worked on countless roles for them: all the way from street and door to door fundraisers up to senior management and have watched our temps progress to great things within the organisation.

The work we do with Marie Curie is long running and ever changing. The in-house operation started in 2013 with a London street fundraising team and quickly grew to include a team in Manchester as well. Today Marie Curie are revving up to launching a brand new Scottish section as well as having a flourishing network of private site teams across England and Scotland. Flow Caritas are pleased to say that we recruit for them on all these roles, and have also placed managerial positions for them.

The Children's Society work with vulnerable and at risk children across the UK. Their work bridges the gap between vital front line services and tackling the root of problems by lobbying political officials. We are privileged to work alongside The Children's Society in London and Birmingham, where we have placed managerial positions and helped our fundraisers progress through careers in F2F.

We started working with The London Wildlife Trust towards the end of 2014 when they decided to expand their private sites team. Our first priority was finding an experienced and passionate manager to oversee the new-look team. We managed to quickly place the perfect candidate due to our well-nurtured client and candidate relationships. Next we moved onto an advisory role, in which provided support in areas such as budgeting. This has continued alongside recruiting nature loving fundraisers to help the London Wildlife Trust blossom.

World Vision have a growing number of fundraisers across southern England. Focusing on private sites, they use a number of engaging techniques to match donors and set them up with a child to sponsor. They are a high energy team with bundles of passion.

St. Mungo's work with people who's lives have been affected by street homelessness. They run hostels, provide educational courses, help people get back into the workforce and much more. With both their street and door to door teams in London, training and progression are the buzz words. We've seen wonderful careers start as part of the St. Mungo's team.

The Staffordshire Wildlife Trust look after wildlife and nature reserves in the midlands. We recruit for private site and door to door Wildlife Support Officers, who give people the chance to connect with the Trust and help preserve nature in the local area.

The Wildfowl and Wetlands trust look after avian life and nature reserves across the UK, focusing on preservation and conservation. They have flourishing private sites teams based in London and Slimbridge. WWT fundraisers recruit members for the trust and encourage people to visit wetland centres.