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Is face to face a legitimate entry point to a charity career?

The short answer is: Yes. We’ve done a considerable amount of research into how face to face can set you up for a career in fundraising. Spearheaded by Managing Director Rory White and published in the ‘Streets Ahead’ report (June 2014) we uncovered the career paths of ex-face to face fundraisers  who have gone on to establish careers in the third sector. The majority of people surveyed had taken the natural segway into an office based fundraising role such as; events & corporate. However, around 40% of people mentioned Direct Marketing roles and 35% had gone on to work in recruitment services for charities.

Face to face also provides skills and experience looked for in the commercial sector. Plenty of recruiters have face to face backgrounds, including; Flow Senior F2F Consultant Nicola Rennie & Digital Specialist Luke Watts.

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